How To Buy

1) On the left of the online store are the categories. Some of these categories, after climbing, make subcategories easier to navigate.

2) After you click on the selected item you can enter the number and then click the "Buy" icon. Goods are placed in the basket, located in the top right corner. You can then continue shopping.

3) To finish the purchase, click the icon or "Cart" symbol - to the cashier. You will see your purchased items, their price and the number of items you can edit or click on the red cross from the basket to remove.

4) Continue according to the instructions, ie, choose a quick purchase without registration or create an account (register). Fill in the necessary data and SAVE.

5) In the next step, choose a delivery method from the menu. Confirm that you have become familiar with the terms of business and continue with step 3. If you do not find the payment method in item 3, make sure you have saved your details (name, address ...) and have agreed to the terms and conditions. The amount of the goods is automatically added to the postage.

6) Choose payment method and confirm your order.

We wish you a pleasant shopping.